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product review:


I love being apart of special events/retreats to provide healthy, plant-based meals for people and their guests. I love sharing my passion for healthy food with others and will be happy to cater to anyone looking for a vegan chef! I want to share with people how delicious vegan food can be and how nourishing it is for your body. If you are interested in collaborating please email me through my website!

"After meeting Beth through my long-time friend Alex, I starting following her on Instagram. I was quickly drawn to the beauty of the food that she was sharing through her account, and also loved that she uses as much local, organic ingredients as possible. While I am not vegan, I tend to eat in that fashion more often than not. It did not take long of me getting to know more about Beth and her passion to know that I would like to bring her and her partner, Alex, on as the chef’s for my next Vickerman Wellness Retreat!

The food that was created through Beth’s recipes by her and Alex was outstanding. And add the love, passion and sincerity that is given to the preparation of each meal, as well as their seamless integration into the retreat, and it was a home-run collaboration. I highly recommend Beth and Alex for your next event, retreat or family gathering!!"

Nicole Vickerman

Vickerman Wellness, LLC


I love finding brands that support living a healthy life style and that align with my core values. I will be happy to share these types of brands with everyone who comes across my website! If you are interested, I will be happy to sample your product and write a review on my page so I can share the love.

brand ambassador:

If your brand aligns with my core values and promotes a healthy life style then I will be happy to discuss a more elaborate relationship.

recipe development:

If your brand is in line with my plant-based life style then I would love to collaborate and write recipes using your products for your website or to promote them on social media. I will work along side any restaurants that need help putting together a vegan menu or plant-based dishes. The market for vegan food is growing and I want to help be a part of making creative food options available for those who have adopted this way of life.