meal Plans

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Weekly meal Plans- $10/week or $40/Month

This is a way to help people who are able to cook on their own or maybe just can’t afford to have someone cook for them. Maybe you’re in a rut and just don’t know how to cook good tasting, healthy food but want to better your eating habits, or maybe you love to cook but you aren’t experienced with plant-based cooking and would like to learn more! Whatever it may be, this is a great program to get you on track. I provide three breakfast recipes and three dinner recipes each week along with a grocery list. They are all vegan recipes, but even non-vegans will love them. I strive to come up with new recipes each week so that you are getting a good variety of new foods to try! If you are interested please email me!

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Weekly Meal Prep- $65/Week for 4 meals

Do you have a busy schedule and are too tired to cook when you get home? Do you get in the habit of eating easy, processed meals because you don’t have time or the energy to cook yourself? Do you spend more money going out to eat then buying your own groceries? Well, this plan may just be for you! My weekly meal prep service is for those local to Boise, Idaho. I create 4 different meals each week, all of which are organic and made with whole foods (no processed junk). They are made with good quality ingredients and full of flavor. They are also very filling and won’t leave you hungry! Leave the cooking to me so that is one less thing you have to worry about. If you are interested, please email me!