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Lemon tree co.

Alright, If you guys haven’t been to Lemon Tree Co. yet, vegan or non-vegan, you guys are missing out! This place is a true treasure with some of the BEST sandwiches I have ever had (even including before I went vegan). Almost every sandwich they offer they have a vegan version of. You know when you are going out to eat and you instantly become overwhelmed because you have no idea what’s vegan and whats not? And you really don’t want to be that annoying customer that asks a ton of questions? I know the feeling. One reason why this place is so amazing is because they make it real simple to know what you can have based on your dietary needs. Jasson (the owner of lemon tree co.) has worked in the restaurant industry for years, enough to know that everyone has different dietary needs and he strives to have a variety of options for everyone. Whether you’re gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan there are tons of delicious & creative options for you. To make it a smoother & a more natural experience, everything is labeled on the menu as vegan or can be made vegan and the staff there is super helpful and educated on the food they prepare. They will guide you in the right direction!

Boise, idaho

After living on Maui, I must admit we were totally spoiled. There were delicious vegan options everywhere and I never felt limited on food options when going out to eat. Since we moved to Boise it has been a challenge finding places that offer creative & unique vegan options that are already on the menu! A lot of people have trouble with the social aspect of going vegan because it makes socializing and going out to eat that much harder. Well I am here to clue you in on all the hidden gems that will leave you stress free & wanting to come back for more!

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Jasson has worked in the food industry for years and has grown to love taking care of people. He is also super involved in the community and collaborates with other local businesses and puts on vegan events (this is a GREAT way to involve non-vegans in the community and introduce them to how awesome vegan food tastes!). Now let’s talk about the food…the food is truly outstanding. My personal favs are the vegan Reuben and the vegan Philly Cheese-Steak, they will have you drooling for more! What I love about their vegan sandwhiches is how creative and original they are, and lets be honest….how big the portion sizes are too! I may only eat plants but that just means I can eat twice as much ;) They put a lot of thought into creating something full of flavor, not just throwing some veggies together and calling it good. That is something I truly value because it can be so frustrating when you go out to eat and all they can offer you is a $15 salad, when you could just make that at home, am I right? Lemon Tree is definitely a business you want to support and if you haven’t been down there already, the best sandwiches in Boise await you…