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My vegan journey

Welcome to my website, I am so excited you are here and interested in learning more about living a plant-based life style in a sustainable way! My name is Bethany Camp and I am an IIN Certified Health Coach, animal-rights advocate, health & wellness enthusiast, vegan blogger, fitness focused & recipe creator!

I first began my vegan journey in early 2017 while I was living in Hawaii. I was experiencing a lot of stomach issues and had no idea what the cause was, so I decided to experiment with a vegan diet and see how I felt. I gave up all animal products overnight and since then I haven't looked back. After about 2 weeks, I noticed a big change in how I felt—the results were incredible. I felt so full of energy and all my stomach issues had gone away. I had lasting energy throughout the day (without drinking tons of coffee) and I felt more vibrant and clear minded. Luckily, living on Maui I had plenty of vegan options surrounding me. Fresh tropical fruits were my daily breakfast and there were plenty of vegan cafes to choose from—I was totally spoiled!

I became invigorated. I never wanted to turn away from this way of life because I knew how amazing I felt and couldn't possibly imagine going back to living a life feeling exhausted and sluggish all the time. But it was the education that truly captured my attention. Since I knew so little about being vegan, I decided I needed to do my own research. After watching documentaries like Forks over Knives, Cowspiracy, Earthlings, Dominian and the Game Changers I knew in my heart that this life style truly aligned with my core values and it just made sense.

I found out that there were plenty of reasons why living a vegan lifestyle was without a doubt the way to go for me. Veganism may be seen as just a fad to a lot of people, but it is far from that for many. It is supporting and being a part of something much larger then myself. It is an act of love and respect for my own body, animals, and mother earth. It is sending a message to the world the importance of education and knowledge—knowing where your food comes from and what it's doing for your body. I realized that my love for nature, animals, and health were far more important to me then the pleasure of my taste buds. Whether it be for environmental, ethical, or health reasons, pursuing a plant-based diet is a great way you can take personal action and make a difference.

My goal is to help those who are interested in transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle (or who just want to add vegan dishes to their diet) and show people how delicious and beneficial plant foods really are! I will share lots of recipes that will nourish your body and nourish your soul—reaching for results of optimal health and well-being.